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Television: Tales from Two Cities

Jump City: Seattle

Whether you are hardcore into Parkour/Freerunning or just spent your childhood dreaming you were Spiderman-you should be watching Jump City: Seattle on G4.  As the title states the show takes place in Seattle and is a competition show between four teams that match up using a bracket system to determine one final champion after a series of matches.  The four teams consist of Tempest Freerunning, Miami Freerunning, The Tribe and Rogue. 

The first episode aired this week with Tempest up against Rogue with Tempest coming out with the win, but barely.  The battles were fun to watch and fast paced although not quite as exciting as I had hoped.  I suspect the performances will get more heated as the matches go on.  Overall a good show-the only thing I would have liked to have seen was Luci Romberg on the Tempest team.


If you have not heard of Portlandia by now, you’re probably living under a rock.  Or at least not from anywhere in the Pacific Northwest.  Fred Armisen (SNL) and Carrie Brownstein (from the Portland via Olympia band Sleater-Kinney) have done a fantastic job of lovingly poking fun at all the things you love to hate and hate to love about Portland and it’s inhabitants.  They show no discrimination in their characters ranging from hipsters and hippies to the overly conscientious.  Even if you aren’t familiar with Portland you’ll enjoy this.  The songs are catchy and the guest stars will please you.  As an Etsy seller I immediately fell in love with ‘Put a bird on it.'  (Seriously people-no more birds or mustaches)

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